Books with Beauchanes: Chapter 2

Hannah is five years old; her brother Jack is three. Every time I come over to babysit, Hannah makes sure that we follow the same itinerary. Our itinerary is as follows:

1. We all participate in some kind of craft. Their mother usually finds it in the dollar section and I usually find it to be more difficult than the kids do.

2. We watch a movie (usually Disney), make some popcorn and cuddle on the couch.

3.  We pick out two books to read before getting tucked into bed. One is Hannah’s pick and the other is Jack’s.  

I’ll spare you the details of how Jack refuses to stay in bed for a good 30-45 minutes and how the rest of my evening involves laying on the couch while the dog licks me to death. Instead I’ll tell you the details on what happens when you ask two children to help you review a book.

Train Off the Rails with Kody and Dot centers around two bears whose delivery train drives through the same routine each day. One day the train derails and Kody and Dot use that as a learning experience to see the impact their job makes. The artwork is colorful and the poetic rhythm of the text keeps the kids' attention.

Every time I babysit, this is the one story that both kids can agree on. We've read it countless times and the idea of having this as one of the bedtime stories gets Hannah and Jack all the more inclined to quickly get their pajamas on and hop in bed. They've nearly memorized the book and shout out which part is coming next before I've even begun to turn the page. It's safe to say that Kody and Dot are pretty popular in the Beauchane household.