The Newlyfriend Game with Mark Rose

2013 - Mark Rose becomes one of the creators of Downwrite, a "platform enabling songwriters to connect with fans on a person, creative level," according to the official website.

2014 - Downwrite hosts a holiday show called We Carol Lot, featuring Mark, Bob Nanna, William Beckett, Matt Pryor, Dan Castady and more. This is where I first meet Mark, interviewing him and the rest of the lineup for my previous entertainment outlet.

2015 - Downwrite hosts Music Trivia nights at Gman Tavern, next door to The Metro in Chicago. I attend my first trivia night and, thanks to some great teammates, win first prize. Mark also participates in a social media takeover for the previously mentioned entertainment outlet.

2016 - Mark and I embark on the next step of our working relationship - playing The Newlyfriend Game. Enjoy.