Take Your Time, Wandering Soul: An Interview with Rebekah Todd

Photo courtesy of Jesse Gagne
In April 2009, the world’s largest funding platform was created. Kickstarter was built to bring creative projects to life and has currently funded over 120,000 projects. Through these campaigns, the creator can tell their story and give back to those who donate as a thank you for funding. Some projects give back in the form of completed albums or signed posters while other projects step a little outside the box. One of those unique projects involves Rebekah Todd’s latest record, Crooked Lines.

Following her 2011 EP Forget Me Not and her 2014 LP Roots Bury Deep, Todd wanted to head back into a studio that, after careful consideration, was out of her budget. She also knew that she wanted to market a publicity campaign which was another price that was not in her budget. She took the time to research her possibilities and did the math, resulting in a campaign that needed to earn $30,000.

After reassurance from her fans that they were willing to support the campaign, she launched her Kickstarter on April 18, 2016 and ran it for 45 days. Like a number of Kickstarter campaigns, it began on a high note before tapering down in the middle. Her networking skills were put to the test as she reached out to anyone she could think of to help fund the campaign. With a mere 48 hours left, Rebekah was able to reach her goal and ended up with a total of just a little over $32,000.

“I was insane when we were doing that because we were also in the studio at the exact same time which means technically I was spending money that I didn’t have,” Todd said. “I knew if the Kickstarter didn’t work that I was going to be $9,000 in the hole so I was very worried but it all worked out. I really had to put out every resource I could find or think of and I had a lot of people helping me and thinking of ideas. I felt very supported.”

To add her own special touch to the campaign, Todd put her Bachelor’s degree to use. She attended East Carolina University and graduated in 2010 with a major in Painting and Drawing. By using her home studio, she created nearly 30 pieces as rewards. Adding that personal touch was not only a unique reward for fans but was also therapeutic for her.

Crooked Lines was released February 17 and was her step outside of her comfort zone in more ways than one. Her last album was a reflection on her father’s passing and explored more of a darker theme, while this album proves to be more uplifting. Although the initial track “Trouble” is about her father, there’s a more optimistic approach that differs from her last LP. Other noteworthy tracks include “Wandering Soul”, a track originally recorded for her first EP, and “Let Me Prove My Love”, a powerful song both lyrically and musically.

Her growth as a singer is distinguishable, especially to her. “If you listen from the first EP, I sound very shy and quiet and unsure of myself. In my second EP, it’s got a nice smooth tone to the vocals but I’m not really reaching too far in my range; I’m not stepping out of the box. I was doing well but I wasn’t reaching very far... This album shows confidence more than anything.”  

With this newfound confidence and all-around happiness, Rebekah Todd’s latest record is set to instill hope in others that she found through music. She has been able to keep her head up during trying times and has found therapeutic ways to keep her going. Maybe Crooked Lines will do the same for you.