Former Dreams, Lucid Dreams: An Interview with She Screams of Royalty

Michigan post-hardcore band She Screams of Royalty was originally a project that had all the components for success except one – each band member being on the same page.

It didn’t help that distance was a major issue. Everybody had their own project going on in various parts of the state, and after a while their hearts just weren’t in it. There was never a moment of animosity; just a group of guys that had specific needs they wanted to focus on.

Vocalist/guitarist Nathan Post was one of the members that took the opportunity to focus on other projects. The name was Vices and Virtues – a project that was working on releasing a record when everything halted. But the content was meant to be heard.

It was then that Post  suggested the reincarnation of his former band. When the rest of the members agreed, he knew that he was making the right decision. “It’s just because it feels like home to me,” he said. “When you go someplace new, you’ve got to get used to it and you kind of feel like an outcast but She Screams of Royalty was brewed up in my hometown. Even though I may have moved and may be in a different zip code and everybody else is in all these foreign places, when I hear that name and there’s so much history behind it; when I hear all that I can’t help myself but to know that that’s where my heart is.”

Their record, Lucid Dreams A Relationship, is a testament to proving where Post's heart is because the entire record hits home for him. As a strong mix between dark and uplifting, this record tells the story of personal loss. After tragically losing a close friend, Post found the best way to get out his emotions was through songwriting. “It was a good way whenever I was feeling frustrated or upset about the whole situation I would go to the drawing board. I’d get on my laptop, plug the guitar in and hit record and record a little guitar riff real fast as a little taste and start putting it together from there,” he said.

By taking those emotions and getting them out right away, it gave the opportunity to be as authentic as possible.  While getting into this zone was easy for Post, it’s remarkable how his band members equally got into the same mindset. Each member played their part in making the record from start to finish and guided each song’s original thought into their final version.

Although there’s a deeper meaning to each track that’s a specific emotion for Post, the theme still rings true for any listener. People have experienced loss in some sort of way and this record is to help preserve their memory.  “It’s talking about how surreal that whole era of my life was and my relationship with those connected in that era…It’s my way of making peace with him. I almost envision that he’s paying attention and I hope that he appreciates it,” he said.

 This time around, She Screams of Royalty has members with their eyes set on the same prize. By channeling each other’s emotions for Lucid Dreams A Relationship, they’ve already proved to one another that their goals are one and the same. Now it’s time to embark on their next dream.