Harmonious Perseverance: An Interview with Blonde Roses

Photo courtesy of Andrew Hays Villarreal
Not every band can say they got back up after being knocked down. After a founding member steps away, it’s hard to imagine how to keep going. Fortunately, Blonde Roses found their way.

Originally named The Wooden Wings, this Louisiana-based rock ‘n’ roll outfit shed their former name and sound to better represent the next chapter in their careers. This chapter involves their latest release, Hell or High Water.

This fresh start evoked a change not just in their name but in all aspects of the band. This time around, collaboration was their biggest concern. They wanted each member to feel equally important when it came to creating the music. They also wanted the music to be anything but forced. “We wanted to showcase all of that,” lead singer Molly Portier said. “It definitely made us stronger songwriters because it was all of our perspectives instead of just one perspective.”

Hell or High Water pulls from 60s and 70s influence, especially the sounds of their southern roots. The name comes from the title track on the EP, and is one of the first songs they wrote under their new moniker. It made perfect sense to give the EP that name. “We were still trying to figure everything out and this song came together so quickly [so] it just felt right and really pushed us to continue doing what we’re doing because this is what we love to do, at the end of the day,” Portier said. “We really wanted this record to stand for perseverance and resilience and strength and always pursuing what you love no matter what. Hell or high water, you’re going to do it. It was really important for us to name this record after that song.”

The theme was apparent after the record was finished and really helped the band hone in on the sound and style they wanted. It’s a record that represents where their lives were at the time both personally and professionally. It’s a record that represents them finding themselves as a band and as musicians. It’s a record that makes sense to them.

This past year has really tested Blonde Roses in terms of working together. Undeterred by the events that essentially ended The Wooden Wings, these best friends persevered – Through collaboration and positivity; through hell or high water.