Musical Trilogy: An Interview with Bordeen

Barry, Robin and Maurice. Isaac, Taylor and Zac. Nick, Joe and Kevin. Kimberly, Neil and Reid. Brianna, Ryan and Daniel.

Toronto indie-rock sibling trio Bordeen takes the phonetic spelling of their last name, Bordihn, and the musical backgrounds of their parents to create a project worthy of their sibling trio predecessors.

Vocalist/guitarist Ryan was originally working on a solo project that involved the assistance of vocalist Brianna and drummer Daniel. “…since we were together a lot there was time for jamming and having them help play so I could listen to what sounds good,” Ryan said. “We had grown up playing together in bands at church so this was an easy next step for me and for us.”

Although they decided on a group project, Ryan is the primary songwriter and composer for Bordeen. Their record Stiver, out May 2017, is composed of six songs that actually started production in summer of 2015. The name Stiver derives from the street name that their childhood home resides. “It is welcoming and homey and reminds us of what we had growing up - a safe place to play and imagine and record without the pressure of doing anything with it,” Ryan said. “It was a little safe haven where we could be creative and know that everything was okay whether we were in our music room in the basement or upstairs doing life as a family.”

Stiver is an honest take on relationships as well as a general sense of coming to terms with events that are happening in personal and social aspects. Whether the events are good or bad, this record is about playing a part. “There are so many questions anyone can ask right now about what’s happening in society and this was a little look inside us to see where we were, what we’re thinking, what we’re noticing, and how to be okay with circumstances regardless of if they seem a little out of control in the moment,” Ryan said.

The Bee Gees sold more than 220 million records worldwide during their 45-year music career. Hanson’s 1997 hit song “MmmBop” earned them three Grammy nominations. The Jonas Brothers took Disney by storm with five records, two films and a television series. The Band Perry recently transitioned from the top of the country charts to top 40 radio. Bordeen’s rise to the top is just beginning.