The Frigidus Sessions: An Interview with Deal Casino

The month of July usually involves fireworks, barbeques and day trips to the beach. It’s the peak of summer; where the temperatures are high and the need for a summer playlist is even higher. One record to put on that playlist should be the latest from Deal Casino.

After the release of their last EP, Human Cannonball, they came into possession of a variety of new gear that they were dying to experiment with. “This most recent EP, the Human Cannonball EP, we feel we finally truly found how we want to say things and how we want to play our instruments and how we want to sound,” guitarist Jozii Cowell said. “Putting yourself out there emotionally – it’s easy to get hurt so we always try to make sure it’s a positive creative environment. We’re really content with how we’ve been working. We’ve been really productive.”

With this sense of comfort, they began with the Frigidus sessions. Originally they planned on making a live video to represent the EP and when an acoustic session was suggested, they knew that this was a challenge they had to accept. They created their own real definition of acoustic and rolled with it, ultimately creating a different look and sound to each track.

The Frigidus videos are inspired by Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii and they wanted to create their own Pompeii in their hometown of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Although their version of Pompeii is in a brewery warehouse, it got that raw emotion that they were looking for. “It totally came across the right way with how the song ended up sounding; cold in the way [that] it felt slow and sadder than the record,” Cowell said.

With all of this content as well as a new album coming July 14, Deal Casino played a string of dates outside of New Jersey – which in retrospect hardly ever happens. They got the opportunity to headline and really use that moment to demonstrate the hard work that they’ve been pushing out this year. “We’re shooting for the stars,” bassist Jon Rodney said. “We’re taking every opportunity that we can and making the best of it.”

While July plans may include cookouts and 4th of July celebrations, four guys from Asbury Park are going to be releasing a record that comes straight from that positive creative environment. Whatever that record may be, it will include that Deal Casino vibe that belongs on that summer playlist.