Conquering Fears: An Interview with Night Argent

The idea of fear can be paralyzing. Getting hung up on the fear of failure can be paralyzing up to the point where it can be the reason why goals or objectives never get met. The concept of fear is the theme behind Night Argent’s latest EP.

Night Argent has played together for a few years and has spent that time really honing in on their skills and getting to know one another as musicians. During that time, they competed in the Ernie Ball International Battle of the Bands and took home the grand prize out of 15,000 bands.
After winning the 2015 Battle of the Bands competition, Night Argent received an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by working with none other than John Feldmann. Feldmann has done production work and co-writing with the likes of Good Charlotte, All Time Low, Blink-182 and a list of many more as well as work with his own band, Goldfinger.

At Feldmann’s studio, he co-wrote and co-produced Night Argent’s first three songs – something the band has never done before. “This is the first EP that we’ve worked with outside producers,” lead vocalist Chase Manhattan said. “Everything we’ve done prior to this has all been in-house. We’d definitely be open to working [again] with other producers and seeing what they can pull out of us. The people around you see you in different ways than someone meeting you for the first time and someone meeting you for the first time is going to have a new perspective on you, a fresh take on who you are and your story and your sound. They help pull out a new side of you that you may not have known about.”

Despite the initial nerves of working with outside forces, Feldmann and his team created a comfortable work environment for the band. Manhattan said there was a genuine sense of comradery in which Feldmann took the time to really get to know the band individually and as a whole.  Through this experience, as well as co-writing and co-producing with Steven Solomon, The Fear was born.

The Fear comes from the song with the same name, which was the last song written for the EP. After writing the song “Dreamcatcher” with John Feldmann, the band felt like the topic of fear was only slightly touched on during the song and needed to be better explained. “I wanted to write a song that directly addressed it… and as soon as we finished that song we knew that’s what we wanted to title the EP,” Manhattan said. “Every song that we have on this EP directs that concept of fear in various aspects of your life. Whether it’s loss or love or career or life in general – the effect fear can have on you in all these different aspects of your life.”

Although fear can be paralyzing, the only way to defeat it is to push for that goal or objective that is causing that fear. For Night Argent, their concepts of fear and conquering it shine through in the most positive ways.