The Las Vegas Light: A Megan Edwards Book Review

When Copper Black chose Las Vegas and a position at The Las Vegas Light, the last thing she expected was workplace harassment, bringing the arts editor his morning coffee and a dead sex worker.

Full Service Blonde: A Copper Black Mystery comes from award-winning editor and writer Megan Edwards, whose real-life residency in Nevada for the last few decades inspired the novel. “I love Las Vegas,” Edwards said in a press release. “I never thought I would say that, but I came to Las Vegas to do some research years ago and the city seduced me into staying. The unique history makes it a fascinating place to live while also making it a young city still defining itself. I wanted to give more insight into the life of Copper Black and how she discovered her own love of Vegas, too.”

In the prequel to her debut novel, Getting Off on Frank Sinatra, Edwards begins the story of aspiring journalist Copper Black and her all-but-adventurous life. She’s keeping herself busy with updating the newspaper’s show listings, fantasizing about her week-long visit from her boyfriend and attempting to finish her Christmas shopping. When her co-worker, David Nussbaum, scores an interview with Victoria McKimber, however, she abandons all prior commitments.

Victoria McKimber was on Copper’s television earlier that day, when the news shared a segment of the American Beauty Queen of Sales contest winner. She was under the line of fire at her workplace, who claimed they didn’t know her profession and don’t want their reputation damaged. She takes the scandal straight to the media, including The Las Vegas Light. When David interviews Victoria and brings Copper along, the two women form an immediate friendship. Five days later, Victoria’s body is found near Blue Diamond Road.

Copper’s journalistic instincts come out in full force as her need to solve the crime and tell Victoria’s story becomes crucial. She risks her own life not only to reveal Victoria’s true story but to take out the persons responsible for making her brother the target of a sinister plot. As Copper fights to expose the truth, the world around her becomes unlike she ever expected.

Falling in love with the character of Copper Black was easy in Getting Off on Frank Sinatra, so learning more about her in Full Service Blonde leaves the reader wanting more. She’s got the spunk that is critical for an investigative journalist and says a lot about her journey towards self-discovery. Whether or not the journey of Copper Black continues in future novels… now that’s the next mystery.