You Say We've Been Talking: An Interview with Sub-Radio

Not very often is the band from high school the same one seen playing 10 years down the line. For Sub-Radio, these high school friends-turned-bandmates have been jamming together since 2009 and have a new EP coming out this spring.

After high school ended, the guys – Adam Bradley, Matthew Prodanovich, Michael Pereira, Barry Siford, John Fengya and Mike Chinen – attended three different colleges, but kept the band as one of their top priorities. Their practices ranged from once a month to nearly once a week, driving almost two and a half hours crashing on one another’s couches and floors.

“We all have a passion for music so it was worth it to us,” Chinen said.

“Honestly the driving part in itself was really cool because we got to make that long drive down but we had in depth conversations with each other,” Siford added. “We learned more about each other, talked about music and the things we like and we grew as a group.”

After releasing their first album, Same Train//Different Station, and a series of monthly singles, they’re back with their EP Head First. They took everything they learned from their six-month trial of releasing singles on a monthly basis and put those experiences into Head First. This time around they had the opportunity to take their time with the songwriting and recording processes, giving each song its own love and appreciation before moving onto the next.

“It was nice because with releasing the singles every month we realized that when we do that sometimes you end up rushing the material you release so it’s not always 100% what you what,” Chinen said. “It was nice to eventually put that aside and work together and spend months writing this new five- song EP.”

Head First is everything that Same Train//Different Station was, only with much more of a dance vibe. Some of their influences include Walk the Moon, Two Door Cinema Club, Misterwives and Smallpools – all bands that add unique elements to what would otherwise be classified as generic pop music – and these influences are heavily channeled throughout each track.

“It will make you move but at the same time there’s substance to each song,” Siford said. “We’re not putting out a pop song for the sake of getting people to move. We want definition to it and I think we bring that.”

With a schedule for an April release, Sub-Radio’s latest EP has unique elements that translate both through their recordings and live on stage. It’s an EP that has the effortless pop feel mixed with an indie/rock sound that’s sure to bring the summer vibes a little early.