Rock 'n' Roll Orphan: A LUCAS Guest Blog

It all started when I got offered a gig in London on the same bill as L.A. artist TIN Band (American Pie) and this is how my story begins….

Living in the UK; Playing almost every night and constantly travelling Europe and the rest of the world, doing festivals such as Glastonbury and The Isle Of Wight. I did the circuit, but I always knew that I wanted more. I wanted to come to America and size myself up to bigger goals and live up to a personal challenge to be my absolute best. That drive helped me to knock on doors to prove myself worthy. Coming from Manchester to America, Nashville specifically, was a culture shock and I was fortunate enough to meet people who believe in me.

I played the TIN Band gig and got my first West Coast tour and met post-punk rock legends Dangerous Summer who kindly lent me their blow up mattress. It was the 1st night I slept in America and it felt like home and the fact that it was deflated didn’t even matter. I mean who strikes it lucky finding selfless people in general these days? It’s straight up facta non verba (deeds not words), they took me under their wing and now I’m drunk on Music City.

One day as a result of my door to door shenanigans, I got a phone call. On the other line was Barry Coburn of Ten Ten Music wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving which is funny, because he is from New Zealand and I am definitely not American. His immediate expression of interest turned into loyalty when he went out of his way to support my live showcase at the legendary venue called The Basement. We struck an awesome bond which led to him and Ronell Coburn being my Sponsors, Publisher, Management and family.

Since then fire started snowballing and I have been privileged to work with the likes of Lincoln Parish (Cage The Elephant), Desmond Child (Bon Jovi, Livin On A Prayer), Nikki Williams (Glowing, Heart Attack), Ronell Coburn, Roger Cook (writer of The Hollies, "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress") and John McBride (owner of Blackbird Studio’s AKA the Abbey Road Of America).

I founded the band LUCAS with Dave Dombrowski and Chris Amond and they’ve become like brothers to me. Dave’s combatic sense of rhythm and showmanship sews the band together. We’re tight knit. Chris’ melodic basslines tetris so well with my guitar licks. Finding authenticity was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Our influences from Brit-pop to punk to rock to indie just seem to compliment each other and it sounds exactly like a wish come true..

These diverse people and experiences have molded my sound and I feel like I finally make sense. They have fostered me and being a rock 'n' roll orphan has never felt better.

Here’s to whatever comes next.

And my bucket list ain’t got nowt on it...