Just A Small Town Librarian: A Brent Jones Book Review

by - August 30, 2018

No one expects the small town librarian to have a dark side, right?

Afton Morrison spends her days sharing stories with children and her nights craving the thought of taking a human life. Go Home, Afton, the first in a four-part series, takes an unlikely, unique anti-heroine and makes her surprisingly likeable.

“After watching a rerun of Forensic Files—rest in peace, Peter Thomas—I got the idea to write a serial novel about a vigilante murderess, who’s just arrogant enough to think she can kill a man in cold blood without getting caught,” author Brent Jones said in the acknowledgments. “The question was, who in a small town would be the last person suspected of committing a violent crime? A children’s librarian, that’s who.”

Afton is set on a mission of doing good in the world, which she promised to her dying mother. Her version of doing good, however, is plotting to rid the world of Kenneth Pritchard. He’s the town’s serial rapist who has eluded punishment and recently struck again. The plot for his demise has been thoroughly planned out not only by Afton, but by her imaginary alter ego, Animus.

As if an imaginary twin and appetite for murder wasn’t enough, there’s also the Man in the Shadows. Whoever he is, he seems to be following her and is always two steps ahead of her.

The second installment, See You Soon, Afton, starts immediately after Go Home, Afton which ended in a massive cliffhanger. The Man in the Shadows has not only (sort of) revealed himself, but has abducted one of her co-workers from the library.

See You Soon, Afton delves more into Afton’s past, from her own brush with assault to her relationship with Animus. The book also expands more on the secondary characters – Afton’s brother Chris, his girlfriend Tia Moore, local news reporter Jared Conway and library employees Kim Zhang and Pete Albright. Keeping true to the first book, it also ends on a cliffhanger.

The mixture of suspense, action and mystery makes both installments incredibly difficult to put down. Each character is their own blend of profound wisdom, guiding Afton through everything that is thrown her way.

The first two installments of the Afton Morrison series are fast reads, yet impeccable execution. From one cliffhanger to the next, Brent Jones keeps readers wondering what comes next in the final two installments, Nice Try, Afton and Time’s Up, Afton.

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