American Goth Rock: An Interview with Bevin

When a child can sing before they can speak and their elementary school teacher convinces their mother to sign them up for singing lessons, it’s no surprise to find them packing a bag and moving to Los Angeles the moment the opportunity arises. This is Bevin’s story.

Her family doesn’t come from a creative industry background, but that didn’t stop her from falling in love with performing. She went from ballet to musical theater to majoring in Voice and Musical Theater in college. She was in her first rock band at age 19 before finally making the move to Los Angeles at age 21.

“I look back and wonder how I even survived,” she jokes. “I just had the passion to come out here and start working.”

Her singing and songwriting career started out much like everyone else in the music industry - writing and co-writing sessions, vocal work, a touch of acting and a million odd jobs to make ends meet. Then Mötley Crüe came calling.

After booking a tour as one of their backup singers and travelling across the country with them, she decided that it was time to create music that was from her own voice and her own perspective.

Her first album, Filters and Frames, was produced by James Michael of Sixx: AM whose attention to detail and willingness to work with her ideas made for an ideal creation process.

“He gave me so many little vocal techniques and skills he used while in the studio and it helped me release my inhibitions as far as not feeling too insecure when in the studio,” she said. “He definitely gave me a place to feel really powerful and secure in the vocal booth.”

She took the techniques she learned from Filters and Frames and brought that into her latest release, Mirrors and Echoes. The title as well as the content is meant to complement the first album, in both a personal and political sense.

“It was the bookend to the first record, so the two records mirror each other,” she said. “Where the first one was more all-encompassing, the second one was more looking inwardly. This stuff that came out seemed to be not just a reflection of the personal things that I was going through but seemingly things that were going on in the country and things that were going on in society that I saw. It ended up having a deeper meaning to the songs so they just formed that way. It's about personal relationships but also our relationships with each other and then in society and how we function.”

Bevin has certainly created an avenue for herself that involves her biggest passion. Music is something that has touched her soul from the very beginning and continues to inspire who she is today.