Winter Tour Diary with The Ones You Forgot

Photo courtesy of Maggie Friedman
Last week we wrapped up the final dates of our winter tour. We had an incredible experience, made lots of memories and it’s crazy to think how quickly it all has passed by. It’s always bittersweet to look back on time spent on the road, but we are so happy to share our favorite memories with you.
We kicked off this run in Newark, Delaware at an awesome spot called The Temple. The DIY scene here is so awesome and supportive - it really was a great way to start off. What’s even better is that it is very close to home for us!

A large majority of the dates on this tour were in cities we have never played before, which was super exciting. Next up was Richmond, Virginia, where we got awesome food at the Galaxy Diner and ended up spending too much money on Funko Pop Figures. From there we traveled down the coast, hitting the Carolinas and Georgia, where we played inside a literal pyramid. The entire structure was built by hand in the woods, and truly was a mecca for community and music in the small town of Brooks.

One of our favorite stops was Tennessee. During the day, we met up with friends in Nashville, ate some BBQ, and explored the city (and now we all want to move there). The show was 45 mins outside Nashville in Murfreesboro at a cool shop called Media Rerun. This store basically had all of our interests combined into one: music, video games, comics, movies, etc. It was awesome, and we wish we could have stayed but we had a great show in Columbus, Ohio waiting for us the next day. Our off day in Cleveland was great as well as we made a pit stop at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. We then headed back east to make our way back home, staying in a beautiful farm house Air BNB in Western Philadelphia, eating cheesesteaks in Philly, and wrapping up in New Jersey.

Whether a tour is running for two weeks or a few months, there are always some tips and tricks that can be picked up on while on the road. Our first recommendation might be obvious, but it’s crucial: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! When you can control what you’re eating, try to make healthy choices. If you can get in an extra hour of sleep, take it! If you need some space to focus on mental health and clear the mind, let your team know. Your health and safety is so important, especially when you’re out in an unfamiliar area away from home. Another recommendation, which has saved us many times, would be to stay organized. Keep the van tidy and always collect trash and dispose of it when you stop. Keep your luggage/overnight bags orderly – you’ll thank yourself every time you open them. Organize your time so you can avoid being late. Keep all important info for shows, housing arrangements, funds, etc. in a document so your team can be on top of it. Above all, have fun and be safe!