Your Voice on Replay: An Interview with The World Over

The Ball family has been immersed in music for generations, from “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” composer Ernest Ball to entrepreneur Roland Sherwood Ball. It’s a name familiar in the Warped Tour scene as they fronted the summer festival’s Battle of the Bands series and play a major role in the guitar industry. The entrepreneur’s granddaughter, Tiaday Ball, brings her own musical charm to the forefront with LA rock/post-hardcore band The World Over.

In addition to frontwoman Ball, guitarist Ryan Knecht, bassist Juan Arguello and drummer Alejandro Mercado’s second EP, Mountains, was what originally kicked down major doors for the band. Since its release in 2017, those five songs inspired by a toxic friendship became an anthem to its listeners.

The success of Mountains carried over into 2018 where the band earned a spot on the last cross-country run of Warped Tour and played alongside acts such as Simple Plan, The Used, Chelsea Grin and 3OH!3.

“It's all been non-stop unreal experiences one after the other this past year,” Ball said.
They just released their latest single, “Rewind/Replay”, which was originally meant to be part of the track listing for Mountains.

“It was originally supposed to be released with the rest of the EP but after listening to everything together, it just didn't seem to fit alongside the rest of the five songs,” Ball said. “We felt that it needed to have its own release as a standalone single to be appreciated for what it was and not seem like an afterthought.”

Ball wrote the track about the passing of her father and how she dealt with the rollercoaster of emotions that came with his abrupt passing. Despite it being a personal track that she knew would help her grieving process, she recognized that it strayed from their typical process of creating songs collaboratively. It made her slightly hesitant, but her co-collaborators were supportive of a song with meaning behind it.

“Since the moment my father passed away, I knew right away that I needed to write and release some of this emotional experience through songwriting,” Ball said. “It's nice to finally get it out in the world.”  

The World Over comes from varying musical backgrounds and influences, but manages to incorporate those foundations into a collective, cohesive sound. They’ve given a voice to those who have lost themselves trying to find someone else’s happiness and they’ve given a voice to those who have lost a loved one. By letting their voices be heard, they’ve continued to carry on the Ball tradition.