Books with Beauchanes: Chapter 9

Hannah is seven years old; her brother Jack is five. And for the first time since Books with Beauchanes’ inception, Hannah was the one to read the latest book in their collection.

Small Voice Says offers an educational and heartfelt message about discovering and listening to your inner voice through the character of Angela. Angela, who is the same age as Hannah, is a beach-loving extrovert that has recently discovered her conscious which shows her right from wrong. She admits to her mother that she broke her favorite cup and although she initially hid it, she’s been feeling bad ever since.

“I could tell something was bothering you,” her mother said. “But your small voice wouldn’t let it go.”

“My small voice?” Angela asked.

“Yes!” her mother said. “That little voice in your head that helps you think through your feelings.”

Angela finds her small voice again while playing with her friend, Lucy, and when she notices the new boy in school sitting by himself. By understanding what her conscious is, she was able to think through these situations both internally with her small voice and externally by expressing her small voice to her mother.

While many children experience the tug of their conscious, few will cultivate the inner reflection skills that are necessary to guide them through various stages of their lives. It is one of the most important skills that a parent can teach their child, and is why authors Mike Morrison Ph.D. and Mackenzie Morrison wanted to bring this story to life.

Not only did Hannah do a fantastic job reading the story out loud to Jack, but she was able to relate the story back to something she’d seen recently – an episode of Full House. In the episode, the inner thoughts of each character are heard in voiceover sequences, and Hannah recognized right away that they shared the same concept. She told Jack that she also sometimes uses her small voice to think about a situation she’s in and what is the right thing to do.

Jack is all about the illustrations, and this book is no different. The depiction of the small voice, shown as a yellow cloud-shaped character with arms and legs, was created by Nina Summer and shown generously throughout the pages. It had him thinking out loud about his own inner voice, when he’s heard it and how it’s helped him.

Now that Hannah and Jack have a better understanding of their conscious and how to connect with their inner voice, their appreciation for Small Voice Says just might be their latest bedtime routine.