Puppy Love: An Allison & Moon Guest Blog

Photo courtesy of Katrina Colangelo
On my birthday last year a girl I was dating asked me, “Do you think that dogs fall in love?”

I didn’t know how to respond. At first, all I could think about was how much I liked her...loved her? And how this question she was asking seemed to suggest she felt the same toward me.

I don’t remember what I replied. I remember thinking about it for a few days and saying to myself, “Well, it’s called puppy love for a reason!”

Even though puppy love doesn’t literally refer to dogs falling for each other, these thoughts were connecting in an interesting way, so I wrote them down exactly as-is. Fortunately, I had been writing some guitar parts that laid a perfect foundation for the extension of this story.

Over the following month after that spark of inspiration, I kept writing, and I expanded on the idea as my relationship developed. There were so many moments of tension where I knew I was in love with this person, but we were both too afraid to actually say it.

I brought the idea to my band, and with the music we were able to capture both the lightness of love in the verses, and the the intensity of uncertainty in the choruses and bridge. Do I say it? Do I not? Does she feel the same? Ah!

“Puppy Love” was released one day short of the day I met my now-girlfriend, and inspiration for this song. It’s perfect timing!

To celebrate this release we are going on tour, and we hope to see you at a show!

-Allison, Allison & Moon