Sick of Writing Heartbreaking Love Songs: An Interview with Georgia Feroce

There was an instant connection for Matt Koelsch and Georgia Feroce, so their single “All my Friends” doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Both natives of the harsh New England winters, each set out to Los Angeles with the intentions of expanding their musical horizons and in pursuit of eternal sunshine. This gave them a lot in common in terms of their views on life, Los Angeles being incredibly different than back home, and one another’s struggles and ambitions. That’s how their song “All My Friends” started.

“It came from nostalgia, from a beautiful summer LA day, from homesickness, from being sick of writing heartbreaking love songs,” Feroce said. “We just wanted to write a feel-good song that we both felt connected to and we thought a lot of people would feel the same way.”

Upbeat-jangly-rag piano, light acoustic guitar textures and three-part female-male pop-harmonies with a crowd of 15 background singers merge together to form this modern spin on a folk-sing-along. It combines Feroce’s classical piano background with Koelsch’s love for the guitar, giving what Feroce calls “a blend of pop music with a classic, old-school feel.”

The pair sought out acclaimed engineer Pierre De Reeder, who has worked with the likes of She & Him, St. Vincent and Sia, to help capture the magic that exists in “All My Friends”.

“Pierre has been in the music business for a long time, and he is a talented musician, engineer and overall awesome guy,” Feroce said. “Plus, his studio had just the vibe we were looking for. He made everyone feel comfortable and at home, and I'm just so happy we recorded this song with him.”

Feroce is hoping that the song brings back the nostalgia of old friendships in this ode to them.

“I hope this song sparks a personal memory in everyone, whether it be of that walk home from a college party with their best friends, or their high school reunion, or falling in love for the first time,” she said. “Whatever it may be, the song is meant to bring people together with a little bit of nostalgia and hope to be together again one day.”