Don't Quit Before The Miracle Happens: An Interview with Anna Volpe

With both parents working in artistic fields, it wasn’t hard for Anna Volpe to find a love for music.

“The funny thing is even though my love and passion for music was so strong, I never really thought I could pursue it as a career because I just assumed that it couldn't be possible,” she said.

Volpe was constantly surrounded by music growing up, especially classical music. She was a regular at The Metropolitan Opera which helped develop a passion for singing. She was also involved in her school choir and chose to study it further and more intensely in high school and college.

Once she began to surround herself with other working musicians, songwriters and producers in New York City, she quickly realized that a music career was a lot more attainable than she expected. 

“It is damn hard and you have to work really hard to have that viable career but it is possible,” she said. “I think growing up in the city helped me in a lot of ways - not only to influence me to become a musician but to also have a strong work ethic and to be able to keep up in a fast-paced environment like this city.”

One of her favorite concepts about creating music is that an artist’s sound can change over time. She has always been drawn to pop, folk and singer-songwriter music, but said that she feels like she’s still trying to find her sound.

Her current sound can be heard on her debut EP, Call My Name, due out this June. The five-track EP was recorded in Nashville and was a great opportunity for Volpe to challenge herself by trying a different writing process. With producer Thomas Doeve, the bulk of the album was written and recorded in eight days.

One of the biggest reasons why she started a career in music was because she always connected with certain songs and artists throughout her life that got her through good and bad times.

“I wanted to do the same for others and I hope my music can do that,” she said. “Each song represents a part of me, whether it be an experience or feeling, and writing these songs truly helped me grow as an artist and more important as a person so I hope the album can do that in the slightest way for someone else.”

It was during an episode of “One Day At A Time” that Anna Volpe heard a piece of advice that really stuck. “Don’t quit before the miracle happens.” It has played a big part in her musical career and gave her the understanding to enjoy the ride rather than fight it.

Check out her album release show on Friday, June 28 at Berlin - Under A in New York City. More information can be found here.