Pushing Boundaries: An Interview with Great Good Fine Ok

Not even one week ago, Brooklyn’s synth pop duo Great Good Fine Ok started their GGFOUR TOUR at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall. It’s a tour they’ve been planning for a while, down to the last detail. But that’s not where their story begins.

Vocalist Jon Sandler remembers a few things about the night him and Luke Moellman wrote their first song, “You’re The One For Me”. In actuality, he remembers the entire night because it was a very ‘the stars have aligned’ moment.

Sandler and Moellman originally met through a mutual friend, but the night they ran into each other in New York City’s East Village went from a casual conversation about writing a song together to actually finishing the song.

“That night [Moellman] sent me a piece of music that he had been working on and that same night I wrote the lyrics and the melody to it,” Sandler said. “We passed it back and forth and realized that we were onto something special.”

The part about that night that really sticks out to Sandler is the fact that he had no reason to be in that area. He was taking the train home from work when he decided to get off at a different stop and walk around for no particular reason. He could have never guessed that he would end that night with a new song and ultimately a new band.

“When we wrote that song, we had no expectations,” he said. “We didn't even know for sure that it was going to turn into a band. We had no intention of starting a new band; we were both busy with other things. The trajectory of the whole thing was really crazy and unexpected but really organic.”

Going into their first EP, Body Diamond was created purely out of enjoyment. Not to say that their music today isn’t created the same - it was just a creation process that didn’t involve anything other than their want to create. Their creation process these days comprises of more ways to take their music to the next level.

“We want to keep pushing boundaries,” Sandler said. “We’re always thinking about how far we can push the Great Good Fine Ok spectrum of music, and those are things we weren't thinking about in the beginning because it was new and everything was pushing the boundaries.”

Pushing the boundaries goes into their live shows as well. They try to bring in elements that create more of a show and less of a typical concert performance. It’s all about the experience; from the lighting to their clothes, they try to make each show and every tour different from the last.

On the GGFOUR TOUR, Great Good Fine Ok is pulling out all the stops, including something they’ve been working on for years. What is it? Sounds like you’ll have to attend one of their shows to find out.