Still Experiencing Firsts: An Interview with The Dev

The quartet behind Florida hard rock band The Dev are hardly beginners when it comes to the music industry. However, this project has been able to still provide them with some firsts.

For their drummer, Chris, The Dev is the first project he’s been a part of where everyone involved has the same drive and goals.

“We put the band above anything else and support each other in all aspects of life,” he said. “When we play together there is an electrical energy in the air. It’s like an appeasement of the soul.”

For their lead guitarist, Ryan, this is the first time that his creative process has involved all members of the band collectively writing a song.  

“I may have a riff or someone else has a riff and then we get into a room and creatively write together,” he said. “So we definitely have a true band vibe and feel everyone has a say in songs [and] decisions.”

They’ve also learned a lot in their previous endeavors that they’ve carried with them into The Dev. They’ve learned the importance of building a brand, staying knowledgeable on all facets of the music industry and creating a world for fans to be fully immersed.

While some may classify their sound as hard rock, they allow a wider aspect of the genre to influence where they want a song to go. Some are heavy and some are moderate, while others are simple or technical. In the true spirit of rock and roll, they let the song happen organically.  

Their debut single, “Broken Eyes”, has a piece of each member within the track. It’s what each of them enjoys in a rock song – great melody and lyrics, a story, musicality, a modern sound, and “it fucking rocks!!!”

It’s a song they’re hoping engages listeners and makes them excited to listen to it again and again. To them, it’s not about just relating to the song or lyrics; it’s about connection.

“Music is a life source of inspiration and comfort,” Ryan said.

In keeping with their brand of connection and staying knowledgeable, their next steps involve the current trend of releasing singles and focusing on one song at a time. They know what their audience wants and are keeping them in mind when focusing on their ultimate goal.

With their lengthy resumes to back them up, The Dev have learned the importance of good work ethic, passion and drive. They also have the chance to learn from one another and continue to experience firsts. They may have only been a band for less than a year, but they have already hit the ground running.