Far Longer Than Forever: The Swan Princess 25th Anniversary

25 years ago, director Richard Rich had worked on some of Disney’s greatest films including The Rescuers, The Fox and the Hound and several Winnie the Pooh sequels. It was those experiences that led him to create an animated film that resonated with many children from the 90s – The Swan Princess.

The original film tells the story of Princess Odette and Prince Derek, royals of different kingdoms, whose parents want them to wed despite their intolerance of one another. As they grow older, their feelings change, but Odette is kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Rothbart and put under a spell that turns her into a swan every day until someone declares to the world their everlasting love for her.

Since its release, eight sequels were created, including this year’s The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music. The all-new feature length movie tells the story of Odette and Derek’s daughter, Princess Alise, as well as Princess Mei Li of Cathay.

Princess Odette is hosting a music competition to celebrate Princess Alise’s birthday, where the winner of the competition will perform at her grand birthday ball. Prince Li of Cathay is one of the finalists of the competition, and as he travels to the kingdom to perform, his sister stows away on the ship to seek help from Odette and Derek. Princess Mei Li is in a situation all too familiar to Odette and Derek – her love, Chen, has been cursed to live as a dragon.

Prince Li not only seeks victory in the competition but has taken a liking to Princess Alise, much to her best friend’s Lucas chagrin. Will she pick the prince or her former spy partner? Who will win the competition? Will Chen ever be free from his curse?

The film brings nostalgia to those that grew up watching these characters and a new sense of wonder to those watching for the first time. It’s the perfect family film that also includes interactive sing-alongs and a behind-the-scenes featurette that explores how the world and characters of the film were brought to life. There are also opportunities to join in on the musical celebration and create instruments with household items.

The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music marks the 25th year of the world being introduced to Princess Odette and Prince Derek. The story’s lasting impact has given generations something to love and to continue to love with its sequels. For princes and princesses of any age, The Swan Princess is a story for all.