Never Been More Sure: An Interview with margø

Cassidy Margolis has always found herself in lucky situations involving playing in bands. They’ve always been supportive, collaborative efforts that have taught her sides of the music industry that she wouldn’t have otherwise learned. Being in a band, however, doesn’t always give everyone the chance to produce the exact content that they want.

It’s difficult to articulate a love and appreciation for playing in bands while talking about branching out into solo projects, but Margolis can’t stress enough how her time playing in bands was life changing. Her latest project, Margø, incorporates much of what she created in previous endeavors but gives her the opportunity to make it 100% her.

“I really love writing my own music and being able to express myself,” she said. “I've always had a vision for what style of music I wanted to pursue and I found doing that alone I was able to express that more easily… This was my effort to be able to say my piece and write from my heart and make music the way I wanted it.”

The moniker she goes by for this project stems both from a love of her family and the endless possibilities her music will bring. Margø comes from her last name, Margolis, and the ø is meant to represent a zero. In numerology, the zero stands for encompassing all possibilities and all paths which is something that she really resonated with. Anything is possible, really.

This project has come along much quicker than expected, but she wouldn’t change a moment of it. She released her first single, “In Between”, and was met with almost immediate traction after being picked up by popular YouTube channel CloudKid. Her second single, “Game Over”, was featured in a Fresh Finds playlist by Spotify and her latest single, “LOVELOST”, was just released.

For Margolis, creating the music is only half the fun, however. She plans on releasing more music the rest of the year and eventually turning those singles into an EP, but she absolutely loves performing them live.

“My favorite part has always been being able to stand up on a stage and share music with a room full of people,”she said. “There's nothing better in the entire world than having a group of people in the same room all singing along, all sharing the same experiences and being brought together by music.”

This new project is truly the heart and soul of Cassidy Margolis, as it comes from her very core; her experiences, her feelings and her heart. Margø is clearly a passion project that gives her the chance to fully express herself, and if her first three singles are any indication of what’s to come, then the world is in for a treat.