Exclusive Premiere: The Retinas' "Fix That Up"

Like their namesake, The Retinas' music unabashedly reveals something so often overlooked. In your face and heartfelt (in the best of ways), The Retinas are pure rock ‘n’ roll. They’re the real deal. Without an ounce of pretentious bullshit, these best buds always know how to have a good time.

Their latest single, "Fix That Up", can be heard here first!

"This song is an homage to the valuable people in our lives," the band said. "A lot of times [we] feel like life is a strange thing you're navigating by yourself, and the lonerism of life is promoted in every day culture. It's important and [we] respect that. But those small conversations, moments, interactions you have with people that put puzzle pieces together and give you a feeling of relief or validation can be more valuable then anything. This song addresses that self reliance vs. loneliness, and the value people have when they are good and you let them in."