Exclusive Premiere: Erin Coburn's "Fast Paced & Freakish"

Photo courtesy of Brenda Staples
Erin Coburn is a force to be reckoned with. Since a young age, she's captivated her audiences with her prowess on guitar, powerful vocals and a unique blend of rock and blues, bringing it all into the 21st century.

Her latest single, "Fast Paced & Freakish", explores the theme of growth that is apparent throughout her upcoming album, Out From Under.

"I was MAD.. I was CONFUSED… I was ANXIOUS!" she said. "I began to question myself – Had I grown up too fast? I was at a point in my life where it felt like all of these adult obligations were rushing in and I was watching my childhood slip away. It felt like my life was on fast forward and I had only listened to what everyone else wanted me to be, which made me feel like I could have been someone else. All these conflicting emotions made me write this fast paced and aggressive anthem."

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