Yourself and Your People: A Devin Kennedy Guest Blog

Late last year I graduated from college and moved out of my childhood home and into Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. I knew being closer to LA would allow me to write more and meet more people, but I had no idea the impact it would make on my career.

I threw myself into as many sessions as I could handle and spent the last year writing/producing music more-than-full-time for myself and for others. I’ve written over 200 songs in 2019 and I chose four to put on my new EP, You & Me, That’s Enough. I’ve been releasing singles for coming up on two years, so it’s exciting to release a full project.

The creative process behind releasing an EP in 2019 is very interesting. In a singles driven market, it was important for me to really think through the timing of this release, and also the message/statement I want to convey with this project.

“Champagne For Two” is about feeling blessed to know the people you know; whether that’s in a relationship or in business. I have some amazing people in my life that are accomplishing incredible things and I feel very lucky to know them. There’s a line in that song that sums it up perfectly: “She can call the shots, the time and places, if I’m in the plans that’s my motivation”.

No Worries” is a bossanova-infused summer jam about not sweating money or time, but focusing on the people you love. “Something Bout That Feeling” is about the unconditional love of friends/family, and how on your worst days you always have them to fall back on. The pre-chorus and chorus of the song include a 1980s piano sample of my grandfather that I re-mastered from cassette.

“The Way It Goes” is my effort to be more honest with myself about the ironies in my life. I compromise sleep for work, I compromise alone time for family time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It all comes down to this for me: this EP is about genuinely connecting with other people. I think a lot of us lack true connection in our day to day lives, whether that’s with friends, family or ourselves. I’m definitely guilty of getting caught up in the little things, working too much, and losing out on time with the people I love. I wrote these songs as a reminder to myself (and hopefully others) to not sweat the day-to-day, and to stay focused on what’s truly important: yourself and your people. You have to give your family and friends the love, respect and time that they deserve.

I hope you love the EP as much as I do. Thank you.