Someday: A margø Guest Blog

Closure is complicated. We often seek it not knowing what we’ll find – sometimes it hurts us, sometimes it provides us with clarity, and either outcome helps us move on. Songwriting has always been my greatest form of finding closure, and when I began writing “Someday” I knew that I wanted this song to embody the feeling of finding closure in your own happiness.

With this project I always try to promote self-worth and empowerment, and I wanted the lyrics of this song to tie into those themes. So many of us have been hurt, and often times we’re left questioning our worth as a result. “Someday” is meant to be an anthem for those who have found the strength to leave a relationship that made them feel unworthy. It’s about recognizing the love you deserve, and knowing someday that person will have deep regrets for letting you go. It could have very easily been a sad song, but I didn’t want that. Realizing your worth is freeing, and I wanted to translate that emotion as powerfully as I could into music.

I worked on this song with the incredibly talented producers Robbie Townsend and Randor Lin, and they truly brought this song to life. I originally recorded a scratch take of this song on the ukulele (an instrument I wouldn't typically use for this project) and Robbie had a great suggestion to keep the ukulele for production. From there, the song took off in the best direction possible. We ended up spending a day in the studio recording percussion noises on an array of children’s instruments, and I was fortunate enough to bring in a couple of my extremely talented friends to record the group vocals as well. This was the most fun I’ve ever had recording a song, and I really believe you can feel that translate into the final product.

“Someday” is one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve written, but music is about vulnerability. It’s about being honest with ourselves and forming connections with others who have had similar experiences. It’s about sharing experiences, and I wanted to share mine with the world to let you know it gets better. You are strong, you will find that happiness. You deserve it.

I am so proud of “Someday” and all of the hard work that went into creating it, and I hope that these words and melodies resonate with you the same way they resonate with me.

- margø, musician