Road Trip Adventures: A Disney on Ice Review

by - January 28, 2020

A pair of sunglasses, a playlist of summer tunes and a variety of snacks are the main essentials for a road trip adventure – unless Disney is involved.

Add your four best pals – Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy – two tour guides (Patrick and Taylor) and one Magic Mobile and ‘road trip’ takes on a whole new meaning. Disney on Ice’s latest production, Road Trip Adventures, goes beyond a typical multi-hour drive from the Midwest to Florida for family vacation and instead brings the family to places only visited in their dreams.

Since the Magic Mobile is, well, magic, the places visited are once in a lifetime opportunities that are shared all around. Many have seats in the crowd that have spectacular views of acrobatics, fireworks and changing weather. Some have the opportunity to sit right along the ice, wrapped in blankets during the snow or directly next to princes as they watch their princesses soar. Some even get to ride inside the Magic Mobile as they journey from one place to the next.

The destinations, however, are the best part. Here’s a list of the best magical places to visit when using the Magic Mobile:

1. London – While the city itself has sightseeing opportunities like Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, it’s the rooftops that have the best sights. Just ask Mary Poppins and her friend, Jack. The lamplighters can show the way and trip a little light fantastic.

2. Motunui – The Polynesian island has a beautiful view of the ocean and a powerful goddess, Te Fiti. The daughter of the chief, Moana, can show visitors how far they’ll go. Just look out for a certain demigod with a catchy song about being thankful.

3. Arendelle – This destination may be under a winter weather advisory during certain times of the year, but that summer feeling is always there. Imagine sunshine, butterflies, flowers… and definitely no melting snowmen.

4. Pride Rock – Celebrate the King and Queen’s newborn, Simba, during a spectacular gathering and learn how to “Hakuna Matata” while exploring the Pride Lands of Africa. It means “no worries”, by the way.

5. The County Fair – No road trip is complete without stopping at a roadside attraction. County fairs have everything a family could want: carnival rides, deep fried foods and runaway toys. One kid’s trash is another kid’s treasure.

6. Agrabah – A tour of this city can take anyone over, sideways and under through the palace and street market. Cave tours and granted wishes not advised.

Be on the lookout for the Magic Mobile and find your nearest Road Trip Adventure here.

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