Which Do You Prefer?: An Interview with Book VS Movie

It’s a question asked by many but can never reach a collective response: which is better, the book or the movie?

Margo Donohue and Margo Porras have a lot in common besides their names. They are both writers, ran in the same circle of fitness bloggers and had recently strayed away from the avid reading that was always a staple in their lives. More than five years ago, they had met through the power of Twitter and a convention geared towards fitness bloggers. Once they met in person, they got on the topic of what would ultimately change their lives - John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

The nonfiction novel is based around real-life events in 1980s Savannah, Georgia, where local sex worker Danny Hansford is murdered by a respected antiques dealer. As they were discussing the book, the Clint Eastwood film adaptation was brought into the conversation. Porras remembers the movie being “ok” while Donahue found it “terrible”, but it sparked an organic conversation that they still remember to this day.

“At the end of the conversation, I don't even know how I thought of it, but I just asked, ‘Would you want to start a podcast about book versus movie?’ and she automatically said yes,” Donohue said.

As they began Book VS Movie, that organic conversation continued to flow as they discussed these topics for the first time. They don’t go off of a spreadsheet or specific layout; they just talk as they would normally. Not only is it organic, but it creates that easy-listening feel that fans of the podcast enjoy.

It also makes their friendship that much more unique. With Porras in San Diego and Donohue in Brooklyn, the podcast is one of the more entertaining ways to keep their friendship going.

“It's really like a book club in that sense that she goes into her corner and I go into my corner of the continent and we read the book and watch the movie and we have this little meetup,” Porras said.

It may have just started as a conversation between the two of them, but it grew into so much more. Their active Facebook Page and Group, with over 1,000 followers combined, keeps the conversation going and has actually been the inspiration behind some of their episodes.

At over 100 episodes and counting, Book VS Movie is the conversation book lovers can never seem to get enough of. Join their conversations by subscribing to the podcast here.