My Words Could Let You In: An Interview with Gina Fritz

Gina Fritz started singing the moment she could talk. It was no surprise that she managed to put on full costume-change performances to anyone that stopped by her house as a child, and that she had written her first song before she was a teenager.

As she kept writing, mostly through poetry, she continued to perfect her craft as a songwriter. As a performer, she followed in her musician father’s footsteps and joined a pop-punk band, co-wrote songs with her brother Anthony and experimented with a dark-pop project that introduced her to her current bandmate, Whitney Peyton.

The duo perform as Keyed Up, but also release music individually. Fritz’s first single of the year, “Remedy” was written two years ago during an on-again/off-again relationship. Since initially writing it, she took the time to explore it more before releasing it.

“I wasn’t happy with it when I first wrote it and I knew it had to do with the instrumental,” she said. “I wanted the song to be more energetic and more of that genuine pop-punk feel. I went back to my producer, Chris Piquette, who had originally worked with me on it. We spent a day completely stripping the original instrumental and making a new one and I couldn’t be more happy with how it came out.”

The single, which pays tribute to her pop-punk roots, also features Peyton.

“As solo artists we both have different styles which is great because we can both reach a different audience to then introduce them to Keyed Up,” Fritz said. “If we both vibe with a song, we use it for the group.”

Fritz hopes that listeners hear “Remedy” and find the same strength she did to leave a toxic situation. Since finding her way out and walking away from something that was only hurting her, she’s wanted the same for others in similar situations.

“We stay because we’re scared to leave in fear we’ll be alone,” she said. “I’ve been alone for a year and it’s been the most free I’ve felt in a while. I want my listeners to know it’s ok to be alone and to never depend on people who aren’t good for you.”

From dress-up house performances to finding her way as a recording and touring artist, Gina Fritz finds a new appreciation for music often. Her progression has helped her truly understand what she wants as an artist, and her upcoming projects are only just the beginning.