Spontaneous, Enthralling, Free: An Interview with Georgia VanNewkirk

Georgia VanNewkirk has a best friend that truly radiates positive energy. She has a magnetic and enchanting personality that inspires VanNewkirk in more ways than one. That’s why her latest single, “Hot Pink Heartbreak” is dedicated to her best friend.

VanNewkirk always loved music and songwriting but never expressed much of an interest in it to her friends and family. In fact, when she released her debut single “Wish You Well” in May 2019, she hadn’t told a soul about what she had been working on.

“I wanted to put my music out there and let it speak for itself with no expectations,” she said. “My phone died the night of the release and I didn’t charge it until the next afternoon, so when it came back to life it was going crazy and I thought that someone had died or that there was a zombie apocalypse. It was amazing to see so much support from people for a project that was so personal.”

She can thank her producer, Noah Taylor, for the real push into a music career. They met and immediately hit it off; they began writing and recording together, and she found herself enamored with the process.

“I was having so much fun doing it I thought the logical next step was to release a song if anything to show family and friends what I was working on,” she said. “From there, everything was super serendipitous and new relationships fell into place for me to continue music in a more official capacity.”

As far as “Hot Pink Heartbreak”, the song started as VanNewkirk wanting to show her best friend how she sees her. It quickly evolved into a story about “a woman who belongs to no one and is desired by all.”

“It grew into a story about a woman so spontaneous, enthralling, and free,” she said. “Her energy is infectious and intoxicating, however, the moment you fall in love with her she’s gone.”

It’s a song about appreciating the free-spirited people in the listener’s life and giving them their moment to shine.

Since beginning her career as a musician, she has made it her goal to create music that speaks to people and keeps a theme of helping individuals feel like they are not alone.

“Often times musicians are so wrapped up in the lights, plays and glory that the real goal becomes blurred,” she said. “I want to continuously remain focused on my purpose, making music about real emotions, and hopefully reaching others who feel the same. This entire journey started with me turning to music as a way to comprehend the way I was feeling, and if I can provide an outlet for others to process their inner-most thought, I will be beyond fulfilled.”