Back to the Start: An Interview with Jamie Jean

Daydreaming as a teenager always seemed so mystical, yet almost achievable. For Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jamie Jean, she channeled her teenage daydreams into her latest single, “I Can Dream Can’t I?”.

She stumbled across the title in an old music book she found at her grandmother’s house, and she knew that one day she would write a song around it. She said that she didn’t intentionally set out to write the song the way it turned out but started with a “dreamy vibe” and went from there.

“I had this idea of thinking of the fact that in high school you just have a weird perspective on relationships,” she said. “For me, in high school I lived in my head a lot and there was one guy specifically that we tried to date and it didn't work out and I would dream about dating him because I wasn't ready to, I guess.”

While she wasn’t ready to date her high school crush, she was ready to write this song. On a memorable day for more than one reason, the song came to her in about 10 minutes and after sending a demo of the song to her producer, Cole Phillips, they knew it was her next single.

She hopes listeners take away from the song that continuing to dream and think of life more innocently can add a little bit of levity to the world, especially at a time where the world desperately needs it.

The release of “I Can Dream Can’t I?” marks her venture into the pop side of music, whereas her first EP released in 2018, Jamie Jean, had more of a folk vibe.

“I released the first EP because I needed to get the ball rolling with music because I was just putting it off,” she said. “We can all be afraid of the things we want to do and that’s exactly what I was doing. [Jamie Jean] was more of just throwing something out there and this is more the path I want to be going on.”

She also released her first music video for the song; something that she didn’t originally intend to do. She struck up a conversation with someone at a party that ultimately led her to the video’s director, Luke Harvey of Moss Flower Pictures. She sent him a Pinterest board of ideas and used Goodwill as her main source of decorations to create a visual that perfectly coincides with the vibe of the song.

Jamie Jean still daydreams, but nowadays she prefers to make those daydreams a reality. As she continues to explore who she is as as artist, she is sure to find that those daydreams make exceptional songs.