Harmonious, Directional, Symbiotic Rhythm: An Interview with Blue Kubricks

Brothers Jim and Jesse Duah have always had a musical connection, stemming from growing up with a musical family. Whether it was being gifted a classical guitar or self-learning how to write a song, their love for music and love for each other was and continues to be one-of-a-kind.

They were both born in Finland before moving to England, but Jim found his way back there after dropping out of sixth form. After going back and forth between countries and serving in the Finnish military, Jesse and he decided to form Blue Kubricks.

Much like his brother, Jesse is a multi-instrumentalist and has taken courses in music production. Jim said it is “rather fortuitous” that their ambitions match, and that sibling rivalry primarily stays out of their creation process.

“Jesse and I can quibble from time to time but it’s usually because we've had too much to drink,” Jim said. “Otherwise we're alright. We used to fight a lot more but now it's just the occasional drunken brawl. Creatively we paddle in a harmonious, directional, symbiotic rhythm.”

Since the brothers were playing gigs long before their current moniker, being able to perform to crowds who never heard of them has become their specialty. What does a Blue Kubricks show look like, exactly?

“A Blue Kubricks show can be defined in the exact way that a night in a three-star hotel room (breakfast included) with the lead singer of Blue Kubricks can: a guarantee of at least two orgasms,” Jim said. “Our shows are Wurlitzer kaleidoscope of unparalleled gorgeous gorgeousity and only a fool with the IQ of a fence post, or a Drake fan, would pass on the opportunity to be Kubricksed into the smell of a newborn baby in the corner of heaven.”

Their latest single, “Heroin”, pushes rock n’ roll before sex and drugs to bring a raspy, feel-good rock track that could only come from the depths of respecting music as an art. When asked about the background of the song, Jim said, “Heroin was about a couple of people that I knew, who in a cognitive dissonance, did and fundamentally did not understand the concept of music. About abusing both the craft and the concept. They would idolise musicians and replicate only their chemically hedonistic behaviour, filling in a well of vast talent and artistic prosperity. One of my absolute idols, whose name I will not elucidate, formed the basis of my musical foundations through such unrivalled sonic beauty, yet he consciously discards it by the wayside in pursuit of an ideological turmoiled soil. Like a really unconvincing £5 drag act. He started doing heroin and threw his raison d'etre in the confines of an alternate, and dichotomised discarded history. A shame, really.”

While this is only the third track they have released as Blue Kubricks, Jim said that “Heroin” is the best representation of the sound they are going for. As a mix between a love letter to their idols and a kick in the teeth to traditional rock music, Blue Kubricks is here to turn heads.