A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with lotusbliss

We were very much mid-flow when this whole thing hit - we had just begun work recording our next couple of singles, with drums tracked and some bass too, when we had to pack everything back down and separate in order to go into lockdown. Seth and Adam went back to our family home in Kent and Josh headed back to Birmingham where he’s based, and that’s where we’ve all been ever since! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Josh - lead guitar, vocals: 
I seem to fluctuate between needing to keep really busy and fading into a ‘will-we-ever-be-able-to-live-normal-lives-again’ state of sloth. Fortunately I’ve got activities that suit both moods.

Aside from trying to write as much music as I can, one project I’ve been really enjoying digging into is doing a wacky custom paint job on my first ever guitar. I did an acrylic pour for the front and have been religiously following an online guide on “refinishing your axe” - CANNOT WAIT to play it live some time in the (hopefully not too distant) future.

We’ve been lucky in the UK over the last couple of weeks that the weather has been lovely and warm (a rarity in April for sure) so I’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as I can - trying my hand at a little bit of gardening and making sure not to miss my government-sanctioned daily exercise time to go for walks to parks in my local area with my family.

In the evening I’ve been binging TV (Westworld season 3 and a BBC travel program called Race Across The World for my travel fix) plus doing a weekly pub quiz with friends - the pub is a place I miss dearly.

I’ve also been trying to grow a beard. It’s not going amazingly.

Seth - rhythm guitar, vocals: 
The main difficulty at first was the lack of knowing - how long will we be here, what we can or can’t do, etc. Most of the questions still haven’t been fully answered but I think I’m learning to accept and live with that and not let those anxieties rule over my time.

I’m a music student and with lockdown (and staff strikes earlier in the year) have had to teach myself lots of the syllabus in order to get course assignments done and handed in. Other than that I’m writing a lot and also allowing for some lazy days where I do very little!

Being at my parents’ house in the countryside is great as I can escape into the peaceful surroundings for walking the dog and exercising. It makes me feel super grateful as I know I would have struggled being stuck in my city house in London where I’m usually based.

I feel like I’m pretty late to this but I’ve recently gotten into the series Modern Family which I’m enjoying a lot. Some evenings my household has been watching film series like Back to the Future together as well as remotely joining family quarantined in other places (Josh included) for weekly film and takeaway nights.

Adam - synth, vocals: 
In some ways I feel like the lockdown has turned my life upside down yet in others it kind of feels like nothing’s changed! I’m in the last couple weeks of a master’s degree, working away like mad to finish building a vocal effects unit for live pitch-shifted harmony and reverb effects, so I guess even without the lockdown I’d have been pretty shut away getting that finished. On the other hand I’m supposed to be getting married in a couple months (!!) and we’ve got no clue whether weddings are gonna be safe - or even allowed - by then, so that’s all a bit crazy, not to mention our planned honeymoon in the USA might not be possible either.

But I’ve joined Seth down at our parents house for the lockdown and have been keeping sane by enjoying a bit of sun in the evenings - taking the dog for a stroll and chucking an American football round with my sister. I’m definitely grateful for being out in the countryside; helps slow things down and manage the stress of it all.

While practicing social distancing, watch our latest music video for "Carpet":