A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with David Drake

Quarantine has definitely been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. When it first began in early March, I was hooked on the news. We were watching the horror of the outbreak in Northern Italy and had fears about what was to come. We were being thrown into this new way of life. We saw a strange breed of toilet paper hoarding and freshly hand-sanitized Americans coming to the forefront of the media. It was a confusing time and I noticed my mood darkening. After about a week, I made the decision to stop watching the news. At about that same time, a good friend of mine who is a music producer in Ireland, tagged me in a quarantine “Song and Video” group challenge. Basically we had to write a new song every week and create a simple video for the song. This was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I shifted my free time into productivity and started writing and recording new songs in my home studio. The flow was good and a couple gems came out of the challenge - one of them being my song “Shooting Arrows at the Sun” (included in this article). This video was shot during quarantine with a two-man crew. Being in lockdown, we came up with the idea of me playing all of the characters. Essentially, because we had no other options! My creative partner on the project, Adam Petrishin, did a couple cool editing and directorial tricks. He made it so the multiple characters I played could share the screen together and act off of one another, which made shooting the video very entertaining and helped it to turn out rather uniquely.

Aside from that, I have been spending a lot of time with my family. I am married and have a 3-year-old daughter, Willow. We generally go on a socially distanced walk or hike every day and we spend time reading and doing crafts together. Willow currently adores painting in particular. I enjoy watching classic films and occasionally getting hooked on a new TV series. During quarantine I binge watched all three seasons of Ozark…. as well as quite a few episodes of Peppa Pig. I have been really into the strong female characters as of late. I’m trying to decide who my favorite is between, Ozark’s Ruth Langmore, Wendy Byrde or Peppa Pig’s Miss Rabbit. All three know how to take care of business!

Anyway, I am hopeful that the world is beginning a healing phase. Oftentimes, something that seems negative can lead to changes that are much needed. It can bring about a greater good. So that’s where I am putting my thoughts, hopes and energy.

While practicing social distancing, watch my latest music video for "Shooting Arrows at the Sun":