A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Natalie Claro

Photo courtesy of Bob Croslin

My schedule has been hilariously underwhelming since quarantine, as the entire music industry is on a very dull, indoor vacation. I’m literally bored and nothing about me is interesting until things go back to normal!!

This got me thinking: I’ve seen a handful of those “A Day in Quarantine: Follow Me Around!” themed vlogs lately, with each one always flawless. A beautiful girl waking up at 6 a.m. to make an iced black coffee, doing morning yoga, and ending her day with a gourmet meal. While they are all definitely cooler than me, not everyone is as glamorous, and I want to showcase other lifestyles in case someone reading this has felt anxious or doubtful since the pandemic. It’s okay to feel lost right now! It’s okay to have less structure than normal; don’t worry! Get ready for unfiltered honesty.

I have two main careers: music, and (the avenue I speak of less often) digital illustration. As an artist I’m self-employed, so I create my own schedule. Because tours/concerts are currently shut down, every day I’m in complete chaos with no system between projects. I wake up whenever the sunlight from my window scorches into my eyelids, ranging between 7 a.m.-10 a.m. For roughly a half hour, I scroll through social media with the drool from the previous night dried against my face. Everything about my appearance is extremely unsexy. When I finally remove myself from the loving embrace that is my bedsheets, I take a shower and do the whole brushin’ teeth/getting dressed shebang. I’m vegetarian, so I just eat lazy combinations of vegetables, carbs and eggs and throw in whatever condiments. Sometimes I make muffins when I’m bored and have them chilling on the counter for whenever I want one. I sit at my desk working on either future music releases, or my daily art commissions, all while taking small breaks to blast music and sing along because I live alone and no one can experience secondhand embarrassment for my actions. Nothing is really open, so if I go anywhere it’s a drive-thru, or an outdoor coffee shop to meet a friend (with my mask ON) or a park to jam with a fellow musician. By the end of the day, I’m back at home to finish up any work, and sometimes fall asleep with my makeup on. Do not do this as I am simply a forgetful person and it causes breakouts.

Try and make the best out of a bad situation; this tunnel may feel lengthy but there is light at the end of it! Whatever your schedule looks like, you’re doing your best. And please be safe and considerate of other people, you never know if someone could turn out asymptomatic or on their deathbed. Sending everyone courage.

While practicing social distancing, watch my latest music video for "Discomposure":