A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with margø

When COVID-19 hit my city and everything shut down (including my access to a studio), I really had to figure out a way that I’d be able to continue to progress my music. I’ve always wanted to learn music production – so what better time than now? I moved a piano and guitar into a tiny unused room under my basement staircase, hung up some lighting, and purchased some music production software. With months of uncertainty ahead, I knew the best way to keep myself grounded would involve learning a new skill. 

Normally when songwriting, I’ll start with a melody and use guitar or piano to form a song around an idea - however, “hazy” is the first song I’ve written where the production came first. I spent hours and hours building a rough track - I honestly wasn’t expecting to create a song that I would release (or even a song that I’d like) – but after the track started to take shape, a song sort of just wrote itself. I worked with the incredibly talented producers Robbie Townsend and Randor Lin to help bring this track to life (this time mainly over Zoom calls), and they completely nailed the vision I had for this song. Although I miss the studio, it was kind of fun to work from home – if I had an idea to add to the production, I was able to trial it myself before sending it to the rest of the team. I’m so proud to receive my first real co-producing credit for this song, and I can’t wait to share more of the music I’ve been creating while at home.

“hazy” was greatly influenced by one of my favourite bands: Glass Animals. I’m a big fan of their approach to songwriting; I find that their lyrics really paint a picture, and I love how their album How To Be A Human Being sort of gives a commentary on the different sides of humanity. Inspired by this, I wanted to write a song reflecting on my own youth, and tried to address that topic with “hazy”. The production of this song reminded me of summer – and made me nostalgic of those warm, hazy nights where the air is sweet, your heart is full and you’re surrounded by the people you love. I wanted to write a song that embodied how much I miss those simpler days gone by – and how much I miss my friends. I also wanted to acknowledge that sometimes those fond memories of my youth are intertwined with times that I had negative relationships/experiences. However, I don't regret any of it - as those experiences made me who I am today.

While practicing social distancing, check back tomorrow for the release of "hazy" or listen to my other songs on SoundCloud: