The Dream Trap Vision: An Interview with Dandelion

by - July 02, 2020

Nathan Oaks has been using music as his creative outlet since before he was a teenager. His solo project, Dandelion, was meant to be a pop rock project with a live band attached, but quickly transpired into an entirely different sound as he began writing.

He refers to the sound as “dream trap”, citing influences such as Lil Uzi Vert, The 1975, No Rome and Iann Dior. His music shares themes of sex, drugs and modern pop, all through the lens of longing. He recently released his two-song EP, Fine Now, after working on it for a few years.

“The Fine Now EP holds a lot of sentimental value to me because I've been working on this project for the better part of 2-3 years when you include the band ideas and moving past that vision,” he said. “It took at least a year of writing to find an authentic sound to give back to the music community. These songs are the first two that upon completion I sat there confident and excited to share the vision and direction so I thought it was appropriate to announce and release these two tracks before I delved even further into the ‘dream trap’ vision.”

The meaning behind the moniker is a reflection of Oaks’ personality and how he carries himself naturally. It also shows in the songs off of the EP, “Ghost Rider” and “Stars”. In “Ghost Rider”, the song plays into his mantra - “Forever Up To No Good”. The debauchery-fueled lyrics reference partying, sex, excess, OnlyFans accounts and "stealing every bitch’s sweater this year." Despite the entertaining aspect of the sound and lyrics, Oaks wants listeners to still take away a more serious message.

“I hope that listeners understand that they are not alone in any of their mental or emotional struggles first and foremost,” he said. “Secondly, I hope that the fresh sound gives listeners incentive to dance and vibe while thinking about things from a different perspective.”

With Dandelion as his main focus, Nathan Oaks plans to release more music in 2020 and build up an organic fanbase that loves his love for music as much as he does. His love for music grows each day, and it resonates throughout this project.

“Since pursuing music as a career, my love for it has only gotten deeper and my mindset towards music is that it’s an entire industry centered around seven major notes, everything in between, and your ability to not be an asshole, so the possibilities are endless with that outlook.”

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