A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with The Imaginaries

Life during the COVID-19 era has certainly been interesting! We’ve taken the down time as an opportunity to be as productive as possible. We’ve finished new music we’ve been working on in our home studio, we’ve been doing frequent Facebook live shows, writing, recording, practicing, filming and wrapping up music videos, and releasing singles one at a time from our debut album. With over two dozen 2020 show cancellations (so far), we’ve been forced to figure out our “new normal” and have had to majorly innovate to make it work.

When everything shut down in March, we had a couple difficult weeks where we were figuring out what our life was going to look like on a daily basis being stuck at home. We worked through the transition and ironically enough, this has been a very fruitful season for us!

A day in the life of The Imaginaries during this COVID-19 era looks like this: we wake up in the morning and sometimes exercise (we need to get into more of a habit with this), have some coffee and start the day! I (Maggie) have been working with our team on the release of our singles and everything that entails. I make sure I post something every day to our social media accounts to keep everyone posted on what we’re up to. I teach piano/voice lessons via FaceTime in the afternoon and catch up on our giant to-do list. Shane has been working hard on finishing up a duplex we bought to rent out as a furnished rental. We currently run four short-term rentals so he is managing those daily. We’ve certainly watched our fair share of Netflix and movies during this time but try to limit our TV time to a couple hours a day.
These days we find ourselves having to be more diversified than ever. We’ve been partnering with venues and organizations nationwide to perform livestream shows as often as possible. We’re constantly researching and working on music licensing opportunities, outdoor performance opportunities locally in Oklahoma and each day we are navigating the changes happening daily due to COVID-19. We find ourselves working into the evenings and try to take some time each evening to relax. We’ve found it’s very helpful for us to be outside for at least an hour a day.

We’ve loved the extra time hanging out with our family and dogs; we’ve really enjoyed trying and enjoying new recipes at home, and having the opportunity to do interviews for so many publications, radio stations, podcasts and more during this time!

While practicing social distancing, watch our latest music video for "Revival":