A Journey to Finding Yourself: An Interview with KTJ & Carly

Duo KTJ & Carly, comprised of twin sisters Katie and Carly Haynes, grew up all around music, from taking piano lessons to intensive music and theater programs. They found influence in country and bluegrass, developed a love for pop and soul, and explored EDM and R&B to create a sound entirely their own. All of these little influences led them to creating music together - despite not originally planning on it.

“We knew we both wanted to do music,” Katie began.

“We didn’t know we’d be doing it together,” Carly finished.

It was just a few years ago that they met their current manager, Sera Roadnight, and showed her what they were working on. At that point it was just a hobby; they had written a bunch of songs together and had recently learned some of the production side of music. They seemed to be at a turning point.

“By the time we got to where our next chapter was beginning, we were [wondering] why we aren't doing this together; we both want the same things,” Katie said.

Working alongside family can be tough, but having a bond like theirs means not being afraid of any kind of conversation. They’re used to sharing everything and always being by each other’s side, and once they realized they had the same vision and goals it brought everything together.

They are gearing up for an EP release this fall and recently released the second single, “Enable Me”. The song’s production began at the same time states began enforcing stay-at-home regulations, and quickly changed the way it was created. They went from co-writing with others at a studio to Zoom sessions and self-production. It wasn’t going to deter them from finishing the EP, especially since such a powerful theme had presented itself in their recent songwriting.

“The whole EP is a journey on finding yourself without influence from outside forces,” Carly said. “‘Enable Me’ is a track talking about how certain personalities are easy to be manipulated by and that's important to face as far as a journey to finding yourself; seeing what outside forces are influencing you to be who you are.”

“Enable Me” was the first song they had written after coming to the conclusion that the theme’s EP would speak on self-love and self-confidence. They understand that each person’s journey is different and that listening to “Enable Me” or their upcoming EP, Identity, might spark different interpretations, but that’s their favorite part about music. Part of not being afraid of embracing a true, authentic self is letting the songs resonate differently depending on that self.

KTJ & Carly continue to share the best parts of their life as artists and as sisters, and are releasing songs that open up a dialogue about authenticity. As they pursue music together, they do it knowing that they are being who they want to be.