A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Triple Charm

Quarantine has been challenging but it’s given us ample time to build our social media following, write new music, create social media content and connect with the TC Army! Prior to the lockdown, we were preparing to visit middle schools on a 45-city tour across the nation. The tour got postponed due to COVID-19 which at the moment felt like a major setback, but looking back on it, we’ve realized it has just given us even more time to prepare. We’re looking forward to hopefully starting it back up sometime next year!

Quarantine has left many people with extra time on their hands, but it’s how they choose to spend that time that makes the difference. We’ve spent a substantial amount of our time building up our social media. In the beginning of quarantine, we took the opportunity to focus a lot on TikTok. We were posting daily, keeping up with all the latest trends, and soon enough we started gaining some traction. Our TikToks have gotten reposted by a variety of different artists. It was also really cool when Charli and Dixie D’amelio, Allison Holker Boss and Addison Rae all commented on some of our TikToks. One morning we woke up to find out that Addison Rae started following us too, which was super exciting! While we had a lot of fun creating TikToks, we’ve more recently shifted our focus over to Instagram. Instagram Reels has been a huge success for us! Over the last month we’ve tripled our following and gotten a total of over 10 million views on our Reels! We also got one of our Reels reposted by Miley Cyrus! Creating Instagram Reels is one of the highlights of our day, and we’re super thankful for all the success we’ve had on it!

During quarantine we’ve also been really focused on our songwriting and musicianship. In August we released our latest single called “Rally Up”! It’s all about female empowerment and being unstoppable! We filmed the music video for “Rally Up” in February (pre-COVID lockdown) at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita, California. The song has some K-pop inspiration, so for the music video we decided to wear face masks, which was a crazy coincidence considering only a few months later they were actually mandatory! We initially struggled to figure out when to release “Rally Up”. We wanted to be sensitive to everything that was going on, so we waited and eventually found the perfect date. We released it on August 26th in honor of National Women’s Equality Day, which marked the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment, when women got the right to vote. This felt like the perfect day to release it because it completely aligned with the message of the song, and we’re so glad it’s finally out for people to hear!

Not only have we used quarantine to focus on all things Triple Charm, but we’ve also been able to really build our bond as sisters! Our favorite thing to do at the end of the day is kick back and watch some good ole Netflix! We recently finished watching “Once Upon A Time”, which we really liked, and now we’ve just started watching the show, “Supergirl”! We love getting to chill together after a fun day of content creation and music making!

Even after quarantine we plan on continuing to post social media content daily, interacting with our followers, working to become better artists and remembering to still find time to enjoy the little things, like binge watching our favorite TV shows! We also have a 3rd song recorded, which we’ll be filming the music video for soon. Fingers crossed we can get that done and have it out by the new year! While we’ve been able to make the best of our quarantine, we know there are a lot of people that are still struggling and we hope that through our music we can make a positive impact.

While practicing social distancing, watch our latest music video for "Rally Up":