Who's Who: Stories of Disney Characters from A-Z

One of the most magical parts of being a Disney fan is that there's always a story attached to a certain character. Whether it's from a vacation to a Disney park or the most watched VHS tape as a child, the stories and characters behind the story make an extraordinary difference in someone’s life.

In honor of the revised version of Disney’s Who’s Who, we asked Disney fans what their most memorable character is. In an A-Z fashion similar to the book, here is what they said:

Anastasia (and Drizella): We had just eaten breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table, and we were getting all the characters to sign a frame. Afterward we went to meet the stepsisters across from the fountain, and they noticed that Cinderella had apparently gotten distracted after writing her C. Naturally they were not going to let her off the hook, so they started ranting to the crowd about how Cinderella is illiterate. They grabbed my daughter’s hand and marched into the castle lobby demanding that Cinderella fix her mistake; it had to be passed through different cast members and many confused people, but the mistake was fixed and I was laughing all day. - Jill, TN
Baymax: When 20 weeks pregnant and barely showing with our daughter, we went to Epcot. My brother, who works at Disney, convinced us to see Baymax despite my husband and I never seeing the movie. I was sporting my red Mom Disney shirt with a button on my shoulder saying "We're Celebrating" and a button on my belly that stated "Baby's First Visit". All the characters we had met usually pointed out the buttons and we got some great maternity photos to frame for the baby's room (of course it's Disney-themed). Baymax reacted the best when he put his hand on my belly and then my husband encouraged him to belly bump me. On the same trip I felt the baby move for the first time. We also were stranded in Florida that trip because Hurricane Irma hit, closing everything. Baby's first hurricane too. - Michelle, IL
Chip: At a Chef Mickey’s breakfast when I was around 7, Chip stole my sister’s scrunchie and ran around the entire restaurant until they found Pluto and Goofy, brought them back and proceeded to put the scrunchie on Pluto’s nose and try to put Goofy’s ears up with it. It made my whole family laugh so hard. - Jillian, CT
Dumbo: Being new to America I always felt different. I remember going to school and kids making fun of the fact I didn't know English and that I had lisp with the few words I did know. I was at home and my mom gave me a VHS with one of my first Disney movies, Dumbo. I remember feeling the same pain that Dumbo felt. In the scene when he was being taken away from his mom I started to cry. To this day it still makes me cry. - Estefany, TX
Elsa: My best friend gifted me a pair of Elsa-themed Mickey ears and while I haven't had a chance to wear them to a theme park yet, you bet I wore them proudly to the Disney on Ice production of Frozen. - Racquel, FL
Fairy Godmother: One of my favorite memories of the Disney parks was the Main Street Electrical Parade, and I was always so excited to see the fairy godmother. She just looked so magical! - Ginny, NC
Goofy: Goofy flirted with my 23-year-old sister the whole time we were at a character dinner for her birthday - Donald decided he wanted to prove he was a better flirt and started flirting with her too. Goofy told him Daisy was going to be mad. Mickey found out and was scandalized. They all tried to hide it from Daisy across the room, who of course noticed the hullabaloo. Donald was in trouble. Goofy proposed to my sister and therefore won the flirting competition. Minnie was judging EVERYBODY for their behavior. - Rachel, VA
Hercules: On one of my first trips to Disney World, Hercules had just come out and EVERYTHING was Hercules themed. As a fan of Roman and Greek mythology, the complete immersion was one of my favorite memories of an already magical trip. - Andrew, MI
Iago: Probably one of the strangest reasons for liking a character is why I enjoy the character of Iago. Not only is he a voice of reason in Aladdin, but he also provides a master class in sarcasm, which I find to be both entertaining and inspiring (especially as an adult). - Levi, SD
Jafar: It may seem strange to like Jafar, but as a kid one of my favorite toys was a miniature of Jafar. I always considered him one of the more intelligent villains, and something about his staff just mesmerized me from an early age… - Lucas, CA
Kuzco: I have this vivid memory of imitating Kuzco’s dance moves in my living room and quoting “Boo-yah! Welcome to Kuzcotopia!” but mishearing what he said and saying something along the lines of toe-stow-pee-yah. I'm so glad my mother never got that on camera. - Angelina, CO
Lucky: I remember my parents explaining to me that the smallest of the 101 Dalmatians was named Lucky because he was lucky to be alive. That story stuck with me, especially when I rescued a cat who was very much lucky to be alive. Lucky (the cat) has been with our family for five years! - Alex, ME
Maleficent: I love Maleficent. I have always loved Maleficent. But when I was a youth in the 90s, Maleficent costumes just didn't exist. But I wanted to be her for Halloween so badly, so my grandma made me an entire costume complete with a stuffed horn headpiece and a staff that was bigger than I was. Absolutely no one knew who I was and I trapsed around with such an air of superiority it should be illegal, but I was so happy. - Lindsey, OH
Nemo: Years ago, after riding the Nemo ride at Epcot, we hit timing perfectly to go to Turtle Talk with Crush where my husband proceeded to get me called out on the show by Crush, something I'm still upset with him about. - Danielle, IA
Oliver: Oliver and Company was a staple in my household growing up; I probably watched it every day. When my parents came home with a kitten when I was 7, naturally I named him Oliver. He was just as sweet as the movie version! - Kyle, IN
Prince Phillip: When I was little, I loved Sleeping Beauty. Along with Robin Hood, it was my favorite Disney movie. But, I wasn't Princess Aurora obsessed. Why would I want to be her? She sleeps the whole movie. I loved Phillip. He rode a horse, did a lot of fighting, and slayed the dragon. He was awesome. - Anne, IL
Queen: It was a classic case of I-sort-of-listen-to-my-kid when my mom said “the Evil Queen is your favorite!” as we waited in line to meet her (Shout out to Ursula who is my actual fave, I’m sorry you got so disrespected). The Queen heard my mom and when it was my turn said: “And WHY am I your favorite?” So in a miraculous, panic-fueled moment of desperation I replied: “because you’re the fairest of them all.” ...and that’s the story of the fastest I ever thought on my feet, the biggest lie I ever told (again, Ursula I am SO sorry to disrespect you) and the reason the Evil Queen recruited me to be her top servant. - Mary Ann, IL
Russell (and Dug): One of the times I went to the park, we (a group of 20-somethings) met Russell and Dug for pictures. Russell thought I was crying when I was hugging him, so he wouldn’t let me go. - Sarah, MA
Snow White: When I was little I was obsessed with Snow White. I would sit in my backyard and sing Disney princess songs to the neighborhood animals (I’m sure my neighbors appreciated it immensely and now the poor animals are probably deaf). - Angela, AZ
Tigger: When I was 17, I got to bounce down Main Street U.S.A. with Tigger! While bouncing we made Rabbit fall over and met up with Roo and got a bunch of little kids to come and join us. - Dana, MA
Ursula: Ursula used to scare me when I was a kid, but as I've gotten older and rewatched the movie, I've come to love her for being a strong woman who knows what she wants and gets it. Also she's fabulous. - Kyra, UT
Vanellope von Schweetz: Vanellope has one of the best personalities. She has sass, she has spunk; if I could be any Disney character, I'd want to be her. - Christie, NY
Winnie the Pooh: Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorite Disney characters because he’s one of my dad’s. I remember him having a giant Pooh bear I wasn’t allowed to play with because I would have destroyed it. Character wise he’s amazing. He’s always willing to lend out a helping hand and will do whatever it takes to be there for his friends. Overall he’s just a great example of a good friend, even with his crippling addiction to honey. - Jonathan, IN
X: Believe it or not, there are no characters from Disney or Pixar films with the letter X!
Yzma: Yzma is the ultimate villain. Imagine where Kuzco would be without her! Exactly. She was one of the first villains I watched as an older child and wasn't scared or put off by her evilness. - Samantha, TN
Zurg: As fantastic as all the Toy Story films are, Zurg always stuck with me as a favorite character. With tragically little screen time in the films, his deep and menacing voice actually helped inspire me to become a voice actor! - Andries, IL