A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with No/Me

Wake up. Scroll. Stop. Get up. Try.

Since the start of the pandemic, some of the most menial tasks feel more difficult than ever before, from simple acts of self-care like putting on an outfit (that doesn’t include sweatpants), to things that are a bit more time consuming, like taking a shower.

At first, it was hard to get anything done. I spent the first month beating myself up for not being productive so I decided to just be ok with trying. If I didn’t have the energy to pick out a whole outfit, I’d settle with a bra under my baggy Shins sweater. If I didn’t “have the time to shower” (lol wtf else was I doing), I’d wash my face. That counts, right?

As you can imagine, music was at the bottom of my priority list. It felt so hard to create when I felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel - we had no idea when this pandemic would end and at that point, all of my friends had hit pause on releasing new songs. 

So I tried. I wrote a couple of lines. Played some guitar until I finally got comfortable enough to write songs alone in my room again, something I hadn’t done in years. I put on complete outfits and sometimes even makeup!

Now I’m at a point where I switch my outfit 2-4 times per day, depending on the mood (It’s 11 p.m. as I type and I’m currently on outfit change #3). I’ve shifted my focus from making music, to building a world surrounding the music I’ve spent the last three years making. I filmed and edited my first music video, which turned out to be just a lyric video because omg music videos are HARD to make. I released my first song in over a year, the first song that I’ve put out that I can fully stand behind.

I’ve posted more on social media and made some phenomenal friends because of it. From female activists to female CEOs, opening myself up along with my eyes allowed me to find and attract a whole new community of women who inspire me daily.

While practicing social distancing, listen to my new single, "Pass The Knife":