A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with De3ra


We are so happy to be a part of this! We hope everyone is staying happy and healthy through these unusual times!

Throughout quarantine we have tried to capitalize on the different aspects of “being a band.” Normally, as with other folks, I’m sure, we would all work during the day and then play music live in the evening. Now, that has obviously changed. We still get together once or twice a week to practice and work on new material, but we have also re-doubled our online efforts (social media promotion, live streaming, modifying our website/online store, updating our merch, etc.). 

Two of our four members are considered essential workers here in Tennessee. So, work for them, if anything, has picked up and gotten more chaotic. The other two have dealt with being furloughed, which is definitely a downer, but they are pulling through. The two members who are not getting consistent work are using their newfound free time to pursue other interests and hobbies.

Rob, who is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, just completed a cross country adventure, in which he traveled over 7,000 miles on his Triumph.

Haydn has taken this opportunity to explore new musical projects, read, cook and actively participate in the Call of Duty ‘Warzone’ community.

Kevin and Layton both work in IT. Work-wise, things have picked up considerably for both of them, ironically. Kevin is a network engineer for Mapco, which, if you are unaware, is a gas station chain. Layton is the warehouse/purchasing manager for the Nashville branch of a company called Bravas.

As far as what we have been viewing goes:

We all, of course, watched Tiger King, which was clearly an exercise in insanity that nobody could avert their eyes from. The Mandalorian is also certainly a favourite of ours.

In conclusion, I will say that though the times are bizarre, we still all make time for getting together and making music. That is what we are all here to do, right? To show our creativity and express ourselves through whichever means we find at our disposal is something worthwhile, isn’t it?

Come what may, DE3RA will be there once the smoke settles. We think we will come out of this thing with renewed vigour. We are incredibly excited and ready for shows, at whatever scale, to start happening again.

Stay safe and happy, everyone!

While practicing social distancing, watch our latest music video for "Billy Black":