A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Evan Stanley

March 2020 sucked. My grandma died and the day after I got back to LA from her funeral, COVID-19 got real and the city locked down. Not a good vibe.

For the next three weeks, it was me, my girlfriend and my dog in a tiny apartment in North Hollywood, going hard with the Uber Eats and airport drinking rules. I put The Office on loop, scrolled miles through Instagram and slept too little, but at all the wrong times so every day bled together in a smear of fuck.

Every day was a little more disorienting than the last and everything was the same muted shade of eh. The worst part wasn’t feeling shitty, it was feeling nothing. Finally, I just hit a wall. I figured if I was gonna be miserable, the least I could do was be productive at the same time. So I got out of bed, put the phone down and went back to work. Since then I’ve been in the studio every day. 

I’m lucky; I’ve been able to make music a day job. I get up every morning at the same time, get a coffee and drive up the coast. I stop, get a second coffee by the beach and take a few minutes to be completely alone and disconnect from the world before heading to the studio. Normally the monotony of having the exact same routine every single day would be like sandpaper on my soul, but right now it’s the only thing keeping me sane. Without the ritual, I’d be a wreck.

For everything horrible that’s going on around us, my quarantine has actually been great. I cut out the noise and reconnected with me. Because I can’t use people or places as a distraction, I actually just have to sit with myself and deal with my shit. And it’s paid off - I’m making the best music I have in my life.

Now that it’s been a few months, I’ve got a whole quarantine folder to dig through. I love getting to pull up songs I forgot about and play them back with distance. There’s nothing better than listening back to a track and knowing how jealous I’d be if I heard it on New Music Friday. That feeling is worth everything - it’s brought the color back to my world. Having something to chase gives me a reason to get up every morning. And since every song is better than the last, I’m just gonna keep at it with this Groundhog Day thing until we get a vaccine.

I got a lot of music coming your way starting in January. Until then, be safe and find me online