A Path of Healing: An Interview with Frally

When Frally Hynes was approached by director Alexandra Dean to work as a music supervisor on an upcoming documentary, she wasn’t entirely sure she could connect with its subject. It was a subject that a majority of the world had an opinion on, and it wasn’t a positive one. As the project progressed, Dean asked Hynes to create a song that would work throughout the storyline. Dean gave her the description, “Imagine Paris crying in a hotel room in Korea.”

This Is Paris follows Paris Hilton as she shares her traumas and learns to heal from them. Dean wanted a song that brought out the other side of Hilton that the audience would experience in the documentary, and Hynes had the idea of a more somber version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.

Hynes went straight to the studio to record what she believed would be a sample for Dean, and that the two of them would decide on the artist they would like to have perform it. Her idea of what the song should sound like materialized in a matter of just two takes and when Dean heard it, she knew it was exactly what she was looking for - and she didn’t want to replace it with anyone else.

In the original version of the song, the upbeat approach focuses on the actual name of the song - girls wanting to have fun. In the version recorded for This Is Paris, its somberness showcases the lyrics about the judgement that a woman faces on a daily basis. The lyrics ring true for Hilton and how her fairly typical rebellious teen spirit got her sent to reform school.

Recording the song gave Hynes the time to reflect on its message and how often women are forced to change themselves or act differently due to public image.

“Usually what I have noticed is that when somebody is not speaking in their authentic voice, there's trauma underneath that,” she said. “[Paris] is actually this highly intelligent girl who works so hard and had a major trauma as a teenager that meant that she needed to create a persona to survive that and dissociate from herself. If you think about that on a bigger scale of how many influencers in the world - in the arts or any sphere - who are often super successful but also super wounded because they've created something out of that pain or out of that wound.”

Hynes also said that Hilton has become a voice to a lot of people who share similar traumas. It required a certain amount of vulnerability and trust to release a documentary of this nature, and she was brave to let Dean and the rest of the crew share her story.

“She holds this energy that just really is very magnetic and she's a badass in a lot of ways,” Hynes said. “I really hope she continues to heal and I can't wait to see if she continues on a path of healing herself and who she really ends up becoming on the other side of it.”