A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Practically Paradise

Photo courtesy of Justin Irick
So I can’t speak for everyone in Practically Paradise, but for me, 2020 was an odd year and has continued to be in 2021.

When the shutdown first began back in March of 2020, it was an odd time for everyone. I work in the restaurant industry and my restaurant closed for a couple of weeks before opening back up for take-out only. When the lockdown went full force and we were closed, I basically stayed home. My roommate and I would do at-home workouts together, binge TV and watch classic movies like Flubber, Cool Runnings, etc. It was fun and helped with the boredom of being stuck at home when I wasn’t writing music. At this point in time, the band itself was actually a pipe dream with no songs tracked and just me thinking of pursuing Practically Paradise.

During the takeout-only period of my job, Practically Paradise had studio time booked and I was going to write and record with a couple of producers/writers in North Carolina. So in June I went to write and record our single “On Read”, which was released in the last month of 2020. It deals with being ghosted, something that was already commonplace in dating nowadays but the pandemic just made it easier for someone to ghost you due to us having to quarantine and all that. It was something I’ve experienced multiple times and I’m sure others have as well.

Fast forward to 2021, we’ve had more studio and recording time already with this weekend being the most interesting! We were set to go up to North Carolina like normal, then the producers pushed it to remote after being a possible close contact and then I became a close contact. Making the remote session even more remote, pushing me to self quarantine at home and having all of us meet on Zoom to write this next song. Definitely an interesting experience and I really enjoyed it honestly. I will say we got all of our test results back and we all came back negative so we’re planning on going to track vocals in person here soon and finish up this most recent song. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I know this has been more of A Year in the Life instead of A Day in the Life, but my daily life is basically the same routine: gym, work, coming home, working on music and then binging some TV, which is pretty short to write out. So I hope you enjoyed reading about my year haha. I also have a link to a playlist of some of my favorite music I’ve found this past year. While practicing social distancing, check it out.