A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Tarah Who?

Photos courtesy of Maria Quintana

Coralie Herve, drummer/backing vocals:
We were supposed to go on tour last March but this pandemic happened. So we had to think of what we could do to keep going because we didn’t, and still don’t, know how long that was gonna last.

We have actually been really productive; we recorded a new album and made videos for the new singles.

The process, of course, was different than usual. We didn’t practice the songs together with Tarah prior to the studio; we were sending each other tracks and videos of ideas for each song.

Our new album will be released in April and since January we are releasing a new single each month with a video for it.

I’ve been practicing a lot, giving my drum lessons online which is really different than in-person so I had to get used to it. I’ve been listening to a lot of music from awesome new bands like Ad Infinitum, watching movies and TV shows (especially comedies like Superstore or The Last Man On Earth).

I can’t wait to be able to play live again, I really miss it.

Tarah G. Carpenter, lead vocalist:
A year ago, I was behind my desk trying to make the decision of canceling the tour or not. We did not know how serious the pandemic was and every state had different orders. We don't cancel shows; we take our tours very seriously, so it was a really hard decision to make. Staying safe, for us and for the people who wanted to watch us play.

Some promoters were really understanding, others less but once the lockdown was national, everyone started coming up with Instagram Live shows and other ways to make those shows happen.

We quickly realized that the whole Instagram Live thing was not really working because of a latency issue. We decided to focus on something else. I wrote a bunch of new songs and once the demos were done, I shared them with Coralie and Jason Orme, our producer. We were having Zoom meetings and we were sending each other tracks and ideas. We finally met one weekend to record and that was the first time we were playing the songs live! Which, if you don't know me, is a big deal! I hate to be unprepared. Before a recording session, I always want to make sure that everyone knows their part, and that we are all set for any situation so that we don't waste any time, etc. So I was a little apprehensive, but everything turned out great! Actually even more than great! It was a really weird situation because there were no hugs, and every time someone was next to someone else, the other would move away. We performed with our masks on, and when I sang I was facing the wall! We all stayed safe and that is all that really matters in the end! ;)

We also decided to shoot music videos that same week, so that we would have material to promote and release the singles.

We decided to focus on our online presence until we are able to play live shows again. So far, it has been really exciting to see the reaction of a lot of new people, and we are happy that the new songs have such a huge impact. “Pantomath” was our first single as a duo and now we are releasing our first album as a two piece. We hope that you enjoy listening to our new album :)

While practicing social distancing, watch our docuseries, "How It All Began":