A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with OK Cool

by - April 13, 2021

Photo courtesy of Ryan Kiolbassa

Bridget: My work life completely changed after the pandemic hit - I work on a music management team, so my hours fell pretty hard due to all the events being cancelled. I ended up contacting some folks at a staffing agency, who were able to help me land a temporary WFH position to support myself while we wait for the music industry to come back. It’s been very tough not being able to play shows or tour, but I’m really grateful that I was able to stay safe through all of this. My cat has also really appreciated my open availability to give her more attention:

And of course, this band was created mid-pandemic, so I’m happy I was still able to create something of meaning while everything has been so bleak. It’s been really beneficial to be able to work on my songwriting skills.

Having the extra time at home has enabled me to listen to more music. The way I write is sort of a grab bag of the things I want to emulate from the bands I dig at the moment. I’ve been really into Soccer Mommy, Great Grandpa and Snail Mail. Every time I discover a group I really vibe with, I tend to dive into their discography, interviews and the gear they use. This kind of “absorption” process helps me think about song ideas, structure and lyric writing.

Haley: I’ve been through ups and downs throughout this pandemic. I’m grateful for the time it’s given me to reevaluate what I want to be doing, but it’s very depressing to have shows taken away from us. I think the pandemic shattered my idea of security; the security that I would be able to live my life without wild and sudden changes for the worse. I work at a studio called Foxhole Creative, where I do audio for voiceover and video. Our hours have been reduced, but a lot of people have tried things like voiceover in this time to give themselves a hobby, so work has continued. Bridget and I have started binging WandaVision, which is pretty good. We watched She’s the Man the other day because Bridget has never seen it. And we started a record label in the pandemic! It sort of started as a joke but then we thought, “why not?”. Having the album and label to focus on has definitely kept my mental health afloat while we wait to gig again one day. Also, my dog is my homie and we’ve got some really quality bonding hours in. (She even got a cameo on the album).

While practicing social distancing, listen to our EP, Surrealist:

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