A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Rozu

Tim Graham, vocalist: Man, this whole year has just been eerie and weird. We had a full summer of touring booked along with some stuff in the fall and a few singles to drop, then the world ended. At the beginning of lockdown, we all kind of just took some time off for ourselves and looked at it like we were getting a two-week vacation. When everything we had planned got cancelled, we knew the whole situation was going to be longer than two weeks.

I’d say for the months of March and April, I just lived the best life I could by going fishing and social distanced golfing and kind of utilized my hobbies the best I could while I had the time. The best weekend was virtually playing beer pong over facetime or zoom with other band members around the state - it was perfect for not drinking “emotionally” alone even though we weren’t all in the same room. The band and I talked here and there but for those couple months it was really difficult to have any desire to do anything music related.

It was a feeling of defeat knowing this momentum we had came to a halt with no end in sight and it was hard to think about “What can we do for ourselves?” so we looked at it in a way of “What can we do to help those around us?”. We all had jobs still paying us, so we looked out to our community struggling and especially our good friends at our favorite restaurant in Denver, The Brutal Poodle. We ran a shirt fundraiser for the staff and business with a new design and saw so much love from the community with those and raised some good money for them. That little spark of hope and good in the world kicked our ass into gear.

We had a virtual call and just gave ourselves actual goals to accomplish, and seeing how we had endless time, asked ourselves what we can do to be ahead when the world opens back up. We started working on ways to become fully self-sufficient; I started getting back into video editing and shooting along with setting up a merch system that was way better than what we had. DJ [Sundine, guitarist] started diving way more into graphic design and now does all of our content in house. We were all forced to learn and get better at recording, and we worked our tails off on the release plan for our latest single, “Rue”.

When it clicked, we really dove into our debut album we had been working on pre-lockdown and had this time to dissect, scrap and expand on what we are as a band to create what I believe is a solid freaking debut album. We have so much stuff now ready to go whenever we get the green light, and it is a truly amazing feeling knowing we won’t be scrambling.

We have decided we won’t do shows until it is 100% capacity and people can actually move around and not social distance due to the nature of our music and live show - but for now - learn the words to our latest single, “Rue”, and be ready to sing it back to me when we can finally get back out on the road!